Posted on June 12, 2016
Why Adding Graphics Flowers, Plants For A Booth At Trade Show Is Beneficial?

Tradeshows are the perfect opportunity to showcase products and services to potential customers and

to promote a brand to a larger audience. Believe it or not but the décor has a lot to do with how your

booth is perceived. A drab looking one can go unnoticed and might keep people away.

The graphic elements you choose should reflect your business and should attract visitors who have to

battle large crowds during such events. In other words, the visual impact they receive should command

attention without going over the top. Here are some more reasons why adding graphics and florals to a

trade show booth is a good idea:

Stand out from the Crowd … Literally!

While pre-show marketing, trained staff and promotions can attract people to your booth, trade show

graphics and even floral arrangements can make or break sales. At most, you have less than 3 seconds

to make an impression and convince visitors to give your brand a chance. With a hall filled with

competitors and booths that may be similar to yours, a simple change in décor can turn the tide in your


Say it with Banners

The graphics you use on your banners have to be clear and arresting and display your message in as few

words as possible. Since the material used is quite versatile you can have your brand’s logo emblazoned

on the fabric. This includes eye catching graphics that can attract attention in a completely full hall and

ensure your brand message does not go unnoticed.

Add color with Greenery and Florals

According to trade show experts, there are five key elements that can make a booth stand out from the

rest in a tradeshow. These include light, color, sound, smell and motion. While a dedicated staff can take

care of light, motion and sound exceptionally well, you will need to look at other options for color and

smell. What better way to do that than with fresh potted plants and beautiful floral arrangements that

can be placed strategically around your booth? You can ensure the colors match the color scheme you

choose for the booth by consulting with the floral designer you work with.

The Perfect Finishing Touch

Even the simplest changes can make a drab looking tradeshow booth a vision. Greenery and florals from

professional and reliable floral designers that give your booth the finishing touch it needs. Depending on

the pieces you choose, a booth can be made more welcoming or provide colors that can make existing

décor pop. In addition, you can use potted plants and florals to fill empty spaces or corners to give your

booth a holistic look. They can also be used to hide unsightly wiring, storage areas and fixtures. If placed

strategically, floral décor can direct traffic flow in and out of your exhibit area and attract attention to

your offerings as well.

Choosing foliage and florals for a tradeshow booth is a unique way to make an exhibit more prominent.

A trained and experienced floral designer can recommend suitable pieces for your services/products.


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