Posted on April 26, 2016
Why Adding Flowers in your Restaurant is a Good Idea?

A restaurant staff that takes pride in its service and a personal interest in the comfort of its diners takes

serious note of ambience as well. Besides soothing décor, this includes fresh floral arrangements that

can be placed at the reception, the entrance and as centerpieces on tables. This is not just a passing fad;

there are several reasons why restaurant owners order fresh blooms on a weekly and daily basis for

their establishments.

Create a Style Statement

Like a number of other decorative ideas, floral arrangements can create a style statement that can make

a restaurant’s look its own. Think of it as a branding strategy for your diners. Besides enticing the senses

and soothing the mind, fresh blooms can create a luxurious atmosphere that diners can appreciate. If

your restaurant is high end or has a Michelin star, then your patrons will expect décor that reflects that

privilege. Flowers can make suitable style statements that can fulfill that need.

Make the Dining area fragrant

Every experienced restaurateur knows that diners eat with all of their senses. Aromatic floral

centerpieces or large arrangements placed strategically around the dining area can whet their appetite

and sooth the senses at the same time. In addition, fresh seasonal flowers will create an environment

that looks and smells clean which will only enhance your restaurant’s reputation.

Ensures a Vibrant Ambience

Even if a restaurant serves the best food in town and has the best staff, an unwelcoming and drab

looking dining area can wash away all of that effort. When diners enter, the first thing they notice is the

décor and ambience. Fresh flowers are a fantastic way to introduce color in an otherwise

monochromatic dining and/or reception area. Colorful petals and plants can cut through the haze and

make an area seem more welcoming and vibrant.

Enhance décor

Seasonal bouquets and fresh potted plants can be ordered daily or weekly and according to the color

scheme of the restaurant. Besides adding color and fragrance that your diners will appreciate, this will

keep the décor attractive. Changing floral pieces regularly can give diners a pleasant surprise and assure

them that the staff takes pride in their establishment. Choose simple arrangements to add warmth or

bold ones to make the ambience energetic.

Improves Mood

Every restaurant owner knows the value of a satisfied clientele and this goes beyond the food on offer.

Floral arrangements and plants that are placed strategically in open areas such as the foyer, reception

area and the dining hall have an emotional impact. That’s because seeing and smelling fresh blooms can

elevate happiness and ensure guests and diners have a memorable experience. The fragrance and image

of seasonal and fresh arrangements does not leave anytime soon which can make a restaurant visit truly


These were just some of the reasons why introducing florals in restaurants is a good idea. Working with

floral designers who know the importance of ambience can ensure you receive arrangements that can

fulfill your aesthetic needs.

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