Posted on June 22, 2016
5 Romantic Ideas for a Wedding You Can Do With Flowers Besides Putting Them in a Vase

A wedding is the perfect opportunity to allow your creativity free reign, and what better way to do it

than by experimenting with the floral décor? If you are looking for unique ideas to make a wedding

stand out then the first thing you need to do is re-think the typical vase. Sure you can order fresh florals

and place them in centerpieces around the room but there is so much more you can do to make your

wedding romantic. The following are 5 ways you can use flowers for a romantic wedding:

1. Floral walls for a Fairytale Wedding

When it comes to making nuptials a feast for the senses, you can do better than the typical floral

centerpiece. A floral wall can ensure an extravagant display that will make the event dreamier. The best

part is that you can choose seasonal flowers that can make the wall true to the décor and the ambience.

Place it behind the altar for a backdrop that will give the bride and groom a setting straight from the

pages of a fairytale. Choose a leafy option for a more rustic style.

2. Say it with Floral Letters

This trend is relatively new but has risen in popularity fast. Saying ‘I love you’ with oversized floral letters

is the best tribute couples can pay each other at their wedding. In addition, seasonal flowers can be

arranged to create initials of the happy couple which can hang behind the altar. Large petalled flowers

can also be styled to create messages with astonishing effects. In fact, floral letters will also look

amazing covered in fresh blooms and foliage hanging above the door of the venue.

3. Forego the wedding cake for ‘floral’ cupcakes

While the wedding cake is without a doubt the main centerpiece of a wedding, it can be elevated. Add a

romantic twist on this tradition by going for a three tiered cupcake stand complete with luxury cupcakes

decorated with beautiful flowers. These can be either fresh blooms or the synthetic variety made to

order according to the décor. Since these are quite sturdy they can be inserted and arranged on each

cake without ruining the delicate fondant.

4. Floating pool flowers for a romantic ambience

If the wedding is being held poolside, there is no need to drain it. Use that pristine water to your

advantage with gorgeous floating pool flowers and candles. These will offer a romantic and dreamy

backdrop to the nuptials and their fragrance will make the occasion truly memorable.

5. Enhance the Décor with Chair Florals

While draping chairs with cloth is a good idea, but decorating them with fresh or colorful synthetic

flowers will make boring chairs stand out. Choose florals that match your décor or better yet, coordinate

with the floral designer to come up with designs that will make your guests feel special too.

This was just the tip of the iceberg. Florals are so very versatile as decorations that they can also be used

in boutonnieres, corsages and garlands for weddings. Make the right choice to make that wedding an

event to remember.

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